Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain . Final . Queen .

Rain...Drip drip drop..Damn it's cold..5 days of non stop raining..It's cold but I didn't care.It's just the way it should be.

Some people say ' I love rain,it's a gift!'..While some people say ' Rain,go away,you make everything looks gloomy'.

You guys care about rain that much,huh? I did not really care about rain,I guess.Actually,I got a story about rainy, n QUEEN...

in diz rainning season make my feel more fresh . like fresh orange . huuhuh .

i think rain is a gift is more suitable for me . ngeengee :D . .
on rainy season i got a gift from "ALLAH" . i found someone special to me . hehehe .
i only know her from my secondry skool . huhuhu . now-now-now - ever ,ever ,n ever . huhuhu . . ..

Si gadis Lemah Lembut Ayu Gemalai Soft Softener like SOFTLAN . huhuh .
my heart was taken by her . but i dun know that she will take my heart . (macam pompuan lak ayat) .


Final n My Queen . huhuhu .